Cliffs of Moher (or The Cliffs of Smores)


The first time I went to the Cliffs of Moher, I was four months pregnant and had just met Dave’s family for the first time. We had spent a few days over Christmas in a little seaside town called Kilkee and decided to go see why these Cliffs are so famous.

Irish weather is generally rain & wind in the summer, more rain & wind in the winter that might turn into icy snow at times. As we drove up to the Cliffs the fog started to appear. By the time we arrived — it was just all white. Like all white. Like you couldn’t see any cliffs white. I have a photo of it printed somewhere and someday I will come back to this post and share it here. (or not).


So we didn’t see any cliffs. And my daughter (that I was pregnant with at the time) is now 11 years old. This summer we decided to try seeing them again and while it did downpour JUST as we arrived, it cleared up long enough to get some beautiful views. My favorite photo is of the fence though.


FYI my son thinks they are called The Cliffs of Smores.