Hiking in The Burren: that time I fell into a hole.


We visit Ireland on the regular because we family rooted there. I love going for many reasons. But for today’s quick context: there is no green greener. The Burren stands out because of its non-green color. Because there are no trees shaped by the gale force winds over centuries of time. Instead it’s all ancient limestone.


Thanks to grandparents, we were able to get away via Ford Fiesta, and take a drive along the Old Coastal Road. After a quick plate of Mussels, we headed up to Aillwee caves. Did I mention I’m almost six feet tall? My husband is taller. Turns out I hate being crammed into dark small spaces with a bunch of people and no obvious exit. So when we finished our tour, we decided to take a quick “jaunt” up the burren hills to get a good glimpse of the view.



There is nothing more metaphorical about love than a hike with your spouse. Especially if you have been together for over a decade, had children, run your own businesses and are extremely terrible at hiking but have yet to admit this little fact about yourself to your spouse. My favorite moment is when I fell into a hole thigh deep and screamed with no one to hear it. Dave’s favorite moment is taking video of my “climbing down” a small wall. But hey, cool flowers. And so much time to build walls out of rocks.