Huntington Botanical Gardens: the part where I felt like I landed in outer space.

huntingon botabical gardens

I visited California for the first time this past September. My best friend recently moved out there and I thought it would be fun to celebrate her birthday and see where she lived, as well as have some restorative time to myself (away from all things home, kids, back to school, etc.)

Being Canadian, it’s all pine trees, snow and maple leaves. We eat melted maple syrup off of snow like it’s morning coffee. It’s all normal to the point of boredom. My point is, anything remotely looking like a cactus or dirt that isn’t the color of … dirt, feels like a miracle. Or like I landed in outer space. And that’s what I tried to capture here — just how surreal it all felt to me.

A few of these images were recently selected by The Print Swap an initiative run by Feature Shoot. You should definitely check them out!


annabelle agnew

These plants reminded me of The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham.


This was an installation where when you walked in, you heard live noises of satellites in outer space.


A reading room I would never leave:


And a few more to round out the visit.

One little tip: if you are visiting the gardens, leave ample time for the gift shop as it is not to be missed.