A hike in the Hollywood Hills: that time we lost the car key


If you know one thing about California, it’s Hollywood. If you’ve watched La La Land, then you know the Griffith Observatory. If you’re into Gossip, you can spy celebs hiking through the trails. So just like a celeb, we hiked the Griffith Park Trails up to the Observatory… twice. The first time we hiked JUST before the observatory summit only to realize that the car key had been dropped somewhere along the trail. We quickly walked down and found it placed nicely on the wall right by the car. AMERICANS you can be SO NICE. I begged my best friend to do the hike again, so I could see the view of LA etc. She was so nice, she did it again.


One of my favorite things to photograph are light patches.


And the strange dichotomies between nature and humans.



And just nature.