Portrait of Emeline in Studio


Emeline and I met in a park when we had small children. She was one of the first Parent Friends I made and one of the first that allowed me to admit just how hard it all was (a decade ago “Attachment Parenting” was all the rage and so I was exhausted at essentially NEVER putting my baby down. Also never sleeping.) So a love of sitting in parks, eating chocolate almond croissants and trying to make sense of our sleep deprived states forged our bond. Soon after, she told me about a business idea and I decided: all in.


Emeline & Annabelle was a Big Thing in our lives for a long time. But like many small businesses the model failed to deliver means to allow our growing families to survive.


What did survive though was our friendship.

This portrait session has to be broken down into several parts. My goal though, was to capture Emeline and the room she creates her work in — I didn’t want her to panic about making it perfect, I wanted to capture the comfort there is in having a room of your own.


It reminded me a lot of a studio my Mother once had inside a church. It was always a little cold, filled with curios, half finished works, sketches and a teapot. I would curl up on her couch and sit in the silence. Sometimes I would draw. But mostly it just transported me to a place that felt filled with soul.

To view Emeline’s work, visit her shop here. To follow along with her creative process, visit her instagram account here.