About Annabelle


DSC04984Having the “busy and important jobs” left me feeling burnt out and soulless.

Years ago, I stopped pursuing photography because of an injury I sustained to my “good eye” when wrapping up some studio lighting equipment with a bungee cord.

At the time, the injury rendered me incapable of shooting properly and my ability to print in the dark room was hindered greatly due to the damage my eye sustained. Over the years, the advancement in digital technology and a lot of practice re-training my left eye has allowed me to pursue my love of photography.

My eye leans toward the mistakes, the aberrations, and the abstractions — I find infinite beauty in these things.

On the site there are a lot of landscapes featured from my recent travels, but I amĀ  building a portfolio and am eager to collaborate. Please get in touch with me if you would like to do so!

– Annabelle